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Delius Pharma reports a 35% increase in sales and outlines plans for IPO within 3 years, according to ET HealthWorld



Delius Pharma registers 35% growth in sales, plans IPO in next 3 years, ET HealthWorld

Delius Pharmaceuticals, based in New Delhi, has reported a significant 35 percent increase in sales and turnover for the fiscal year 2023-2024. The company’s API division has also experienced remarkable growth, with a 60 percent increase. This success is attributed to the company’s dedication to producing high-quality pharmaceuticals. Delius Pharmaceuticals has announced its plans to launch an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the coming years.

According to the Chief Sales Officer Sahil, the impressive growth is a result of quality products and assertive marketing strategies. Delius Pharmaceuticals is looking forward to making a significant impact on the market and aims to dominate the pharmaceutical industry in India while also expanding globally. The company is planning to initiate the IPO within the next 2-3 years.

Delius Pharmaceuticals’ mission extends beyond profits, as they plan to establish more manufacturing units and create job opportunities for nearly 500 individuals. The company’s focus on quality products and strategic marketing efforts has positioned them for continued success in the pharmaceutical industry. The announcement of their plans for an IPO reflects their confidence in their future growth and expansion both domestically and internationally.

Published on April 17, 2024, at 02:52 PM IST, Delius Pharmaceuticals’ impressive financial performance and plans for future expansion highlight their commitment to innovation and growth in the pharmaceutical sector.

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