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Chinese pharmaceutical companies are still pursuing mRNA shot sales despite initial setbacks, reports ET HealthWorld.



China's drugmakers can't sell mRNA shots but haven't quit yet, ET HealthWorld

In Shanghai, Chinese vaccine developers are shifting focus from unused mRNA COVID shots to new targets due to revenue constraints. Three companies – Walvax Biotechnology, CSPC Pharmaceutical Group, and Stemirna Therapeutics – received limited emergency approvals for their mRNA vaccines in Asia. However, Walvax and CSPC are not currently manufacturing three of their China market shots, and Stemirna halted work at a planned vaccine factory in Shanghai.

Moderna, a pioneer in mRNA vaccines, is establishing manufacturing in Shanghai with plans to launch 15 new mRNA medicines in the next five years. Chinese developers like CSPC are also exploring other medicines, including vaccines for infectious diseases and tumors. Despite facing limited markets for their existing vaccines, the companies are not giving up on launching mRNA vaccines.

The setbacks faced by Chinese developers, who have not sought WHO approval for their mRNA vaccines, raise concerns about their ability to compete with established players like Moderna and BioNTech. The long timeframes needed for research, development, and approvals pose a significant challenge for China’s developers. While funding may not be an issue for listed companies like Walvax and CSPC, the lack of technological expertise and resources hinders their progress in the competitive industry.

Overall, Chinese vaccine developers are striving to overcome challenges and catch up with global leaders in mRNA technology, but they face uphill battles in terms of market demand, regulatory approvals, and technological advancements. The road ahead for these companies remains uncertain as they navigate the complex landscape of vaccine development and competition.

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