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Blockchain Technology Set to Revolutionize Healthcare in India, Reports Health News from ET HealthWorld



Blockchain technology to transform healthcare in India, Health News, ET HealthWorld

In response to India’s healthcare challenges, IIT Bombay and Blockchain for Impact (BFI) have formed a strategic partnership to revolutionize the public health landscape. With India’s growing population and complex health issues, the collaboration aims to address these challenges head-on and advance healthcare innovation for millions in the country. The collaboration brings together IIT Bombay’s research expertise and BFI’s mission to enhance healthcare accessibility.

IIT Bombay’s Director, Prof Subhasis Chaudhuri, highlighted the partnership’s importance in leveraging research for societal challenges. BFI will allocate USD 900,000 over three years to support IIT Bombay’s efforts in creating accessible healthcare technologies. The broader BFI-Biome initiative, a USD 15 million program, will bring together researchers to solve health challenges.

Founder of BFI, Sandeep Nailwal, emphasized the opportunity to impact public health at a large scale through collaborative research projects. The partnership aims to bring transformative healthcare solutions to communities in India and beyond. Established during the COVID-19 pandemic’s second wave, BFI initially focused on strengthening India’s healthcare system through the supply of medical equipment and vaccines, transitioning to early prevention activities post-COVID wave.

The collaboration between IIT Bombay and BFI signifies a significant step towards healthcare innovation and accessibility in India. With a focus on research, technology, and community impact, the partnership is poised to make a meaningful difference in public health outcomes.

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