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Biostate AI’s healthcare startup introduces free RNA sequencing data analysis tools on ET HealthWorld



Healthcare startup, Biostate AI launches free for use RNA sequencing data analysis tools, ET HealthWorld

Biostate AI, an AI-based healthcare startup, has introduced two new service products – Total RNA Sequencing and OmicsWeb Copilot for analyzing RNA sequencing data. Total RNA Sequencing utilizes Barcode-Integrated Reverse Transcription (BIRT) technology to analyze all types of RNA, while OmicsWeb Copilot assists biologists in understanding user requests and intent to create customized software and scripts for data analysis. Additionally, Copilot allows users to analyze over 1000 unique RNAseq datasets collected by Biostate AI and is available at no cost to academic and nonprofit users and researchers.

David Zhang, the co-founder and CEO of Biostate AI, expressed his excitement about the launch, emphasizing the technological advancements that will benefit academic and industry partners. Haomiao Huang from Matter Venture Partners highlighted the importance of affordable AI-embedded CRO services amidst geopolitical tensions, praising Biostate’s vision of individualized AI in predicting drug effects. Fred Farina, from Caltech, commended Biostate AI for its Biotech AI approach, stating that it will significantly reduce animal testing in preclinical studies conducted by pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

The revolutionary technologies introduced by Biostate AI aim to enhance biological data collection at reduced costs, ultimately paving the way for personalized AI in predicting drug effects. The launch of Total RNA Sequencing and OmicsWeb Copilot signifies a significant step towards advancing healthcare through innovative AI solutions.

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