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Biden administration teams up with 50 countries to prevent future pandemics, says ET HealthWorld



Biden administration announces new partnership with 50 countries to stifle future pandemics, ET HealthWorld

In a bid to prevent future pandemics like the COVID-19 outbreak, President Joe Biden’s administration has announced a program to assist 50 countries in identifying and responding to infectious diseases. U.S. government officials will collaborate with these countries to enhance testing, surveillance, communication, and preparedness for outbreaks, aiming to avoid a global health crisis like the one experienced in 2020.

The initiative comes at a time when global efforts to establish a pandemic treaty have faced challenges, with the World Health Organization’s members struggling to reach a consensus. The U.S. program, involving agencies such as the State Department, CDC, HHS, and USAID, will support countries in refining their response to infectious diseases.

Congo is one of the countries where the program has already started, with the U.S. government aiding in the response to an mpox virus outbreak. Mpox, similar to the smallpox virus, causes painful skin lesions and was declared a global emergency by the WHO last year. The White House will release a list of participating countries on a dedicated website, with the goal of 100 countries joining the program by the end of the year.

President Biden has proposed allocating $1.2 billion for global health safety efforts in the annual budget to support this initiative. The administration is committed to dedicating significant resources to prevent and respond to future infectious disease threats, highlighting the importance of international collaboration in public health crisis management.

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