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Anti-counterfeit firm reports over 250 websites selling counterfeit weight-loss drugs on ET HealthWorld



More than 250 websites selling fake weight-loss drugs reported by anti-counterfeit firm, ET HealthWorld

In a recent development, cybersecurity firm BrandShield has dismantled over 250 websites selling counterfeit weight-loss and diabetes drugs in the GLP-1 class. According to CEO Yoav Keren, out of the 279 pharmacy websites shut down last year for illegal sales of drugs intended to treat metabolic conditions, more than 90 percent were related to GLP-1 medications.

GLP-1 drugs such as Novo Nordisk’s Ozempic and Wegovy, as well as Eli Lilly’s Mounjaro and Zepbound, were originally developed for type 2 diabetes but have gained popularity for their weight loss benefits. Reports of harm linked to fake versions of these drugs have surfaced in nine countries, prompting concerns about the rise in counterfeit sales.

BrandShield collaborated with the Pharmaceutical Security Institute to target websites selling bogus GLP-1s, with a focus on ensuring consumer safety and combating fraudulent activity. The company’s efforts resulted in the removal of 3,968 listings on social media platforms for fake drugs, including a substantial number on Facebook.

Keren stressed the importance of cooperation between cybersecurity firms, pharmaceutical companies, and law enforcement agencies to combat the spread of counterfeit drugs. BrandShield’s proactive approach in identifying and shutting down illegal online platforms signifies a step towards protecting public health and maintaining the integrity of the pharmaceutical industry.

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