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Will magic and mystique be enough to swing the vote for Maharashtra politicians?



Can magic and mystique swing it for Maharashtra politicos?

In Maharashtra’s election season, politicians resort to magical and superstitious practices to secure votes, as revealed by the Maharashtra Superstition Eradication Committee (MSEC). These practices range from making voters swear on coconuts to seeking the help of black magicians, violating election codes and anti-superstition laws. The MSEC has called for action from the police and election commission to crack down on such practices.

In 2013, Maharashtra banned black magic and witchcraft after the assassination of Narendra Dabholkar, who fought against blind faith. Despite the law, politicians continue to use superstitious tactics like making voters swear oaths at temples and using the influence of godmen to sway voters. These practices aim to manipulate voters’ beliefs and fears, influencing their decisions based on superstition rather than rational evaluation of candidates.

The Shiv Sena claims that incidents of black magic and witchcraft have increased since a certain government took office, highlighting the growing use of superstition in politics. The MSEC has urged voters not to succumb to such practices and has called on the election commission and police to ensure fair and superstition-free elections. The prevalence of these bizarre and unorthodox strategies in Maharashtra’s political landscape raises concerns about the integrity of the electoral process.

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