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What steps can you take to build a solid financial cushion for your siblings?



How can you cultivate a strong financial safety net for your siblings?

In today’s fast-paced world, millennials prioritize their personal financial goals. However, it’s essential to consider the financial security of younger siblings who may still be in the process of securing their own futures. Rather than solely focusing on immediate gratification, investing in their long-term success is crucial.

Millennials in India have diverse mindsets and goals, ranging from achieving work-life balance to nurturing mental and physical well-being. One strategic way to secure the financial future of younger siblings is through mutual fund systematic investment plans (SIPs). These plans offer long-term financial security through compounding interest and rupee-cost averaging, especially in India’s growing economy.

Mutual funds provide flexibility for tailoring investment strategies based on siblings’ age and future financial needs. Equity funds can support educational expenses, while transitioning to hybrid funds balances risk and returns. In addition to mutual funds, insurance is a crucial safety net for younger siblings’ financial well-being. Term life insurance and health insurance plans provide comprehensive protection in unforeseen circumstances.

By investing in their siblings’ well-being, millennials contribute to creating and preserving wealth for a secure future. Balancing personal ambitions with financial security for loved ones ensures a prosperous future for all. Hemant Lakhotiya, Executive Director of 360 ONE Wealth, emphasizes the importance of striking this balance for long-term financial stability.

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