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‘What is the issue if others accept our ideology and join our party?’



‘If other party people accept our ideology and join us, what is wrong?’

In a remarkable transformation, Union Minister Bhupendra Yadav has transitioned from being a behind-the-scenes strategist for the BJP to a candidate in the Lok Sabha elections from Alwar, Rajasthan. Known for his political acumen and dedication, Yadav has been entrusted with crucial responsibilities within the party, including overseeing states like Gujarat and Bihar. This marks his first direct election after serving as a Rajya Sabha MP and holding ministerial positions since 2012.

During an interview with businessline, Yadav shared insights on his journey from strategist to candidate and addressed various concerns. When questioned about being labeled an “outsider,” Yadav emphasized his deep-rooted connections in Alwar, having worked in the constituency for over 40 years. He highlighted his contributions to the region, including developmental projects and community engagement efforts.

Regarding allegations of unfair practices and the arrest of opposition leaders, Yadav defended the government’s actions, asserting that accountability and transparency are paramount. He refuted claims of selective prosecution, stating that the law applies to all individuals regardless of their affiliations. Yadav also addressed concerns about the BJP’s recruitment of opposition members, attributing it to the party’s expansion and ideological alignment.

Yadav expressed confidence in the BJP’s performance in the upcoming elections, noting the public’s endorsement of the government’s credibility under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership. He dismissed accusations of corruption related to electoral bonds, emphasizing the scheme’s transparency in disclosing funding sources. In response to criticisms about generational shifts within the BJP, Yadav emphasized the party’s commitment to democratic processes and leadership evolution.

As the elections approach, Yadav’s insights shed light on the BJP’s strategies and vision for the future, underscoring the significance of public trust in governance and leadership accountability.

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