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Shell’s involvement in India’s energy transition is essential, says Mansi Tripathy.



Shell to be part of India’s energy transition story, says Mansi Tripathy

Shell Plc, a global oil and gas major, is eyeing opportunities in the compressed biogas (CBG) sector in India. The newly appointed Chairman, Shell Group of Companies in India, Mansi Madan Tripathy, emphasized the company’s commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 in India. Shell is focused on being a leader in the energy transition in the country.

Tripathy highlighted that Shell’s strategy in India includes a shift towards gas, power, and renewables, with a strong focus on energy transition. The company is also actively engaging in CSR initiatives, such as nature-based solutions and community programs. With a workforce of over 13,000 employees in India, Shell is leveraging local talent to drive its global operations.

In the downstream category, Shell is already involved in fuel retailing and is expanding into non-retail businesses, EV charging, and lubricants. The company’s gas business, Shell Energy India, operates the Hazira LNG terminal and is exploring opportunities in the CBG space.

While Shell is keen on expanding its presence in India, the company is closely evaluating the feasibility and viability of projects in line with its energy transition targets. Tripathy emphasized the importance of defining a clear business model in collaboration with the government and industry stakeholders to drive sustainable growth in the CBG sector.

Overall, Shell views India as a key market for its energy transition initiatives and remains committed to driving sustainable and responsible operations in the country.

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