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Shankar Sharma’s Portfolio Success: Valiant Communications Boosts Initial Investment of ₹1 lakh to ₹31 lakh in Just 4 Years



Shankar Sharma portfolio: Multibagger telecom stock Valiant Communications turns ₹1 lakh into ₹31 lakh in 4 years

Renowned investor Shankar Sharma has made headlines with his recent investment in telecom stock Valiant Communications. As per Sharma’s latest portfolio update for the January to March 2024 quarter, he has acquired shares of the small-cap company. Following this news, Valiant Communications saw a 5 percent increase in its stock price, continuing its trend of delivering substantial returns to investors.

Valiant Communications has emerged as a multibagger stock in the Indian market, showcasing impressive growth over the last few years. In the past six months alone, the company’s share price has surged by 60 percent, while investors have enjoyed a remarkable 175 percent return over the course of a year. The stock, which hit a low of ₹15 per share in March 2020, closed at around ₹463 per share on Friday, marking a significant jump post-COVID rebound.

Looking at the historical performance of Valiant Communications, an initial investment of ₹1 lakh in March 2020 would have grown to a staggering ₹31 lakh by the present day. This exceptional growth underscores the company’s strong performance and reinforces its position as a lucrative investment opportunity in the market.

Shankar Sharma’s shareholding in Valiant Communications has also come to light, with reports indicating that he currently owns 2 lakh company shares, representing 2.62 percent of the total paid-up capital. This notable investment by Sharma during the January to March 2024 quarter has garnered attention from market observers and investors alike, signaling confidence in the potential growth of the telecom company.

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