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RuPay rolls out ‘Link it, Forget it’ initiative during IPL 2024 to highlight credit card usage on UPI. Learn more.



RuPay launches 'Link it, Forget it' campaign at IPL 2024 to promote credit card on UPI. Details here

In a groundbreaking move that is reshaping the landscape of digital payments, RuPay has introduced the RuPay Credit Card on UPI. This innovative feature is not merely a matter of convenience but has now evolved into a lifestyle choice for users. The introduction of this new payment method has garnered enthusiastic support and positive feedback from users, highlighting its significance in the digital payment realm.

The ‘Link It, Forget It’ campaign, featuring the vibrant Shankar Mahadevan and other personalities, has humorously emphasized the idea of leaving physical wallets behind. With a RuPay Credit Card linked to UPI, users can almost render their physical wallets obsolete, prompting them to remember to forget their wallets at home. The advertisements associated with this campaign portray scenarios where characters unknowingly carry their wallets and face amusing mishaps, adding a playful touch to the messaging.

Ramesh Yadav, Chief Marketing Officer at NPCI, emphasized that this campaign marks a transformative moment in the payments space by altering how credit cards are perceived and utilized. By emphasizing the ease of use and rewarding journey on every transaction, RuPay is positioning itself as a go-to choice in the realm of digital payments. This strategic move signifies a notable shift in consumer payment behavior, underlining the commitment to enhancing convenience through technological advancements in the digital payment landscape.

Rahul Mathew, CCO & Executive Director at DDB Mudra Group, emphasized the behavior-changing aspect of a credit card on UPI, urging users to opt for RuPay over traditional payment methods. The campaign is designed to break the habit of carrying physical cards and transition to the convenience of RuPay. Users can easily link their RuPay credit cards with popular UPI apps like BHIM, combining the advantages of UPI with credit card benefits for seamless transactions.

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