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Rahul Gandhi predicts BJP will not secure over 150 seats; INDIA alliance gaining support



BJP will not get more than 150 seats; strong undercurrent in favour of INDIA alliance, says Rahul Gandhi

In a recent press conference, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi expressed confidence in the INDIA alliance’s potential success in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Gandhi predicted that the BJP would struggle to secure more than 150 seats. The first phase of polling is scheduled for April 19, setting the stage for a closely watched electoral battle.

Gandhi, contesting from Wayanad in Kerala, discussed his decision-making process regarding a potential second seat in Amethi, where he lost to BJP’s Smriti Irani previously. Emphasizing the party’s role in determining his candidacy, Gandhi stated his willingness to abide by their decision. The press conference, attended by SP chief Akhilesh Yadav, highlighted the alliance’s optimism for sweeping victories across western Uttar Pradesh.

Both leaders criticized the NDA government, with Gandhi denouncing electoral bonds as a tool for corruption and implicating Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Addressing key issues like unemployment and inflation, Gandhi accused the BJP of deflecting attention away from pressing concerns. The press meet featured prominent Congress leaders, including Jairam Ramesh and Ajai Rai, underscoring the party’s united front.

Gandhi also scrutinized Modi’s handling of electoral transparency, citing discrepancies in donation records and alleged favors granted to specific contributors. Referring to a recent interview with Modi, Gandhi dismissed the exchange as scripted and uninformative. The leaders’ comments underscored the escalating political tensions ahead of the impending elections.

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