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OnePlus products to be removed from select Indian retail stores? Company responds swiftly



OnePlus products to disappear from some retail stores in India? Company finally reacts

Retailers in India were alarmed last week when a body of South Indian retailers threatened to remove all OnePlus products from their shelves due to “unresolved issues”. The deadline for this removal was set for May 1. The issues included low profit margins, financial strain, warranty processing delays, and complications from bundling schemes.

The South India Organized Retailers Association expressed their disappointment and urged OnePlus to find an immediate solution. The association highlighted various difficulties faced by retailers in selling OnePlus products, leading to their decision to discontinue sales.

However, OnePlus has now reacted to the situation for the first time. A spokesperson stated that they are working with partners to address the concerns raised by the retailers. This response comes in light of the urgent plea from the retailers’ association to address the issues before the end of April.

The ORA emphasized the need for proactive measures from OnePlus to ensure a successful partnership. The company’s commitment to resolving the issues raised by retailers is seen as a positive step towards maintaining a strong relationship with its offline partners in India.

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