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Longtime Microsoft Employee’s Job Terminated After 33 Years, Issues Bold Statement of Intent



Microsoft employee’s job terminated after 33 years; makes stunning statement of intent

In a stunning development, Jeff Bogdan, a Director of Learning and Development (L&D) at Microsoft, had his job terminated after 33 years of service. Bogdan was let go after the company adopted the L&D system he had recommended, leaving him with no place in the new setup. Instead of dwelling on the negative, Bogdan reflected on the positive experiences he had at Microsoft and the relationships he formed during his tenure.

Looking towards the future, Bogdan made a powerful statement on LinkedIn, declaring, “So now begins the journey of finding my second career.” Despite the unexpected turn of events, Bogdan expressed his determination to continue making contributions to society through his work. He emphasized that he was not looking back and was open to exploring new opportunities for career growth and development.

Bogdan’s post on LinkedIn ended with a new motto, “Open To Anything: Let’s Have A Deep Discussion; Let’s Explore Together.” He shared his gratitude for the incredible ride his career at Microsoft had been, highlighting his pride in the products he had worked on and the impact he had made in his role in L&D. Despite the disappointment of losing his job, Bogdan remained optimistic about the future and eager to embark on a new chapter in his professional life.

The termination of Bogdan’s job serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of employment. However, his resilience and positive outlook in the face of adversity are an inspiration to many individuals facing similar challenges in their careers.

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