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LIVE: Ashapuri Gold Ornament Q4 FY24 Results: Profit Surges by 11562.88% Year-Over-Year



Delta Corp Share Price Live blog for 22 Jan 2024

Ashapuri Gold Ornament announced their fourth-quarter financial results on April 10, 2024. The company reported a significant increase in both revenue and profit compared to the previous year. The top-line revenue surged by 67.96%, while the profit soared by an impressive 11562.88% year-over-year.

In comparison to the previous quarter, Ashapuri Gold Ornament witnessed a 1.47% growth in revenue and a substantial 48.31% increase in profit. The selling, general, and administrative expenses decreased by 2.09% quarter-over-quarter but increased by 6.71% year-over-year. Additionally, the operating income saw a notable 22.62% growth from the previous quarter and an exceptional 5205.08% surge year-over-year.

The company reported an earnings per share (EPS) of ₹0.14 for Q4 FY24, showcasing a remarkable 12685.19% increase year-over-year. Ashapuri Gold Ornament also delivered strong returns to its investors, with a 5.43% return in the last week, a 31.08% return in the last six months, and a 9.88% year-to-date return. Presently, the company has a market capitalization of ₹344.73 Cr and a 52-week high/low of ₹19.3 and ₹7.25, respectively.

The detailed financial figures of Ashapuri Gold Ornament for the fourth quarter of FY24 are as follows:
– Total Revenue: ₹50.7 Cr
– Selling/General/Admin Expenses Total: ₹0.98 Cr
– Depreciation/Amortization: ₹0.26 Cr
– Operating Income: ₹3.13 Cr
– Net Income Before Taxes: ₹4.16 Cr
– Net Income: ₹3.08 Cr
– Diluted Normalized EPS: ₹0.14

The company’s remarkable financial performance in the latest quarter signifies its strong growth trajectory and solid positioning in the market. Investors and stakeholders are encouraged by the positive results and optimistic outlook of Ashapuri Gold Ornament moving forward.

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