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ISB’s PGP to be tailored with new curriculum review process



ISB introduces curriculum review for a more customised PGP

The Indian School of Business (ISB) has recently implemented a curriculum overhaul in its Post Graduate Programme (PGP) to adapt to the evolving industrial landscape. The redesign focuses on flexibility, adaptability, and customization of courses to meet industry demands.

The Centre for Learning and Teaching Excellence has been established to ensure teaching standards and curriculum quality are maintained. The revamped programme offers a reduced core course structure, allowing students to choose elective courses tailored to their diverse backgrounds. Elective courses now make up 60% of the PGP curriculum.

With a reduced number of core courses and an increased emphasis on elective courses, ISB has integrated subjects like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into the curriculum. The programme structure has shifted to shorter four-week blocks with additional short-term courses to keep pace with industry trends.

ISB has also enhanced its Analytics curriculum to align with the data-driven business environment of today. The Office of Experiential Learning will offer hands-on experiences through field immersions and industry projects, bridging theory with practical application. This comprehensive approach reflects global educational trends and aims to provide students with relevant skills for the future.

Overall, the revamped PGP at ISB aims to provide students with a more customized and industry-relevant education to prepare them for the challenges of the modern business world.

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