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Elon Musk’s visit to India could result in advancements for Starlink and Tesla



Elon Musk’s India trip may see breakthroughs for Starlink, Tesla

Days after Tesla Inc’s largest-ever round of layoffs and hours before its quarterly earnings, CEO Elon Musk is set to meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India. The meeting is scheduled early next week, highlighting the high stakes for both men. Musk hopes to secure permission for SpaceX’s Starlink Inc to operate in India, while Modi sees an opportunity to attract foreign investment and modernize India’s cities with potential Tesla manufacturing.

Modi, currently campaigning for a third term, will meet with Musk during a crucial time in both of their careers. Musk’s visit to India during Modi’s election campaign and his relative silence on government censorship have earned goodwill in Delhi. Starlink has received assurances from the Indian government to start operating in the country by the third quarter of this year.

The meeting between Musk and Modi holds significance as it could pave the way for Tesla’s entry into India’s booming electric vehicle market. This move would not only benefit Tesla but also align with India’s focus on digital initiatives. Musk has been vocal about the high import taxes in India hindering Tesla’s entry, but recent changes in import tax policies have made the market more accessible for foreign carmakers.

However, Tesla’s history with the Modi government has been mixed, with setbacks and hurdles in the past. Still, the recent easing of foreign direct investment rules in the space sector and the potential resolution of issues related to security approvals and spectrum allocation could clear the path for Starlink to operate in India. This move would give Starlink a competitive edge over other satellite internet providers in the country and strengthen the security partnership between India and the US.

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