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Delhi Ascends Seven Spots, Enters Top 10 Airport Rankings Since Pre-COVID Times



Delhi jumps seven places from pre-COVID era, enters top 10 airports club

Delhi Airport has achieved a significant milestone by jumping seven places from the pre-COVID era, entering the top 10 airports club at the 10th position, as per the Airports Council International (ACI). In the financial year 2023-24, Delhi saw a total of 73.67 million passengers, making it the jewel in the crown for Groupe ADP, which operates renowned airports worldwide and has a stake in GMR Airport arm, responsible for operating Delhi Airport.

With more passengers than Paris CDG, Delhi’s growth of 5% compared to 2019 has propelled it into the top rankings, even as it continues to face challenges like grounded planes and operational issues. The airport has consistently maintained over 6 million passengers per month, despite infrastructure limitations that are gradually being addressed through ongoing expansion efforts.

The operationalization of a fourth runway and India’s first elevated taxiways are part of Delhi Airport’s expansion plans, aiming to increase capacity and enhance efficiency. As the airport gears up for the shift of services to optimal terminals and attracts more airlines like IndiGo for expansion, the potential for reaching 100 million passengers becomes increasingly feasible, with projections suggesting it could be achieved by 2026 or 2029.

Despite its growth prospects, Delhi Airport faces transfer issues and operational complexities, especially for passengers connecting between terminals. The unresolved challenges highlight the need for seamless connectivity and efficient transfer facilities to enhance the overall passenger experience and maximize the airport’s potential as a major aviation hub.

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