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Cocoa prices rise as demand remains strong despite all-time highs



Cocoa Climbs on Signs of Resilient Demand Despite Record Price

Cocoa Climbs on Signs of Resilient Demand Despite Record Price

Cocoa prices surged in New York as grindings data suggested that demand for the chocolate ingredient remains robust despite record-high prices. Figures released indicated that grindings, the process where cocoa is transformed into butter and powder for confectionery use, only dropped about 2% in Europe and slightly decreased in Asia during the first quarter compared to the previous year. This news comes as prices for cocoa more than doubled during the period due to poor harvests in West Africa limiting supplies.

Market observers are closely monitoring processing data to gauge whether the unprecedented price spike is negatively impacting demand and the availability of cocoa beans for chocolatiers. Analysts had anticipated a decline in first-quarter grindings, but the data may become less reliable as supply shortages make it harder to source cocoa. Futures climbed as much as 5.2% in New York, edging near the all-time high reached on Monday.

Analyst Paul Joules from Rabobank in London noted that the grindings figures suggest that demand is holding up despite the high prices, but he expects demand destruction to eventually occur. The global cocoa shortage and price surge have led to increased chocolate costs, putting pressure on buyers and traders to secure beans amid market volatility.

Cocoa prices rose 4.9% to $10,558 a ton in New York, with London cocoa futures also experiencing significant gains before retracting slightly. Additionally, cocoa supplies could face further strain due to flooding in Nigeria, a major cocoa-producing country, which is expected to disrupt planting and mid-crop harvests.

In conclusion, the cocoa market is facing challenges from supply chain disruptions and high prices, impacting chocolate production and pricing for consumers worldwide.

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