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Centre urges e-commerce websites to reclassify Bournvita from ‘health drink’ category, says report



Centre asks e-commerce websites to remove Bournvita from ‘health drink’ category: Report

The Narendra Modi government has instructed e-commerce websites to remove drinks and beverages from the ‘healthy drinks’ category, causing a setback for brands like Bournvita. The order comes after the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) highlighted the lack of definition for health drinks under the FSS Act 2006.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued a notification citing an NCPCR inquiry that concluded there is no clear definition for health drinks as per FSSAI regulations. As a result, all e-commerce platforms have been directed to remove drinks like Bournvita from the ‘health drinks’ category.

This decision follows the FSSAI’s recent directive to avoid categorizing dairy, cereal, or malt-based beverages as ‘health drinks’ or ‘energy drinks’. The food safety body emphasized that misleading terms can confuse consumers, urging websites to correct or remove such advertisements.

NCPCR chief Priyank Kanoongo expressed concerns over the misrepresentation of drinks like Bournvita as health drinks. In a letter to the ministry, FSSAI, and consumer affairs departments, Kanoongo emphasized the need to accurately label beverages to prevent misleading consumers.

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