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Center informs SC that a single portal for ad self-declaration will simplify the process



Single portal for ad self-declaration will make process easier: Centre tells SC

The Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) has proposed to merge two portals for self-declaration certificates (SDCs) for advertisements into one to streamline the process and enhance user experience. In a compliance affidavit filed with the Supreme Court on Monday, the MIB stated that this consolidation would make all SDCs readily available in a single portal, eliminating duplication without compromising the purpose of filing such certificates.

To adhere to the court’s directive from May 7, the MIB activated two separate portals for TV and radio advertisements on the Broadcast Seva Portal and for print and internet ads on the Press Council of India (PCI) website on June 4. The MIB has sought approval from the Supreme Court to merge these portals to simplify the process and enhance user convenience.

The Supreme Court has instructed the MIB to engage with the advertising industry and other stakeholders to address concerns related to the self-declaration certificate regime. Justices Hima Kohli and Sandeep Mehta emphasized that the industry should not be burdened by the certificate regime and appointed an amicus curiae, Shadan Farasat, to provide insights on the implications of the regime.

Since the activation of the portals on June 18, over 81,000 SDCs have been submitted between June 4 and July 8. The MIB has met with industry representatives on two occasions to address concerns and has taken steps to ease guidelines, restricting the requirement for health and food-related ads to an annual basis. Overall, the MIB remains committed to complying with the court’s orders and ensuring a smoother process for advertising agencies and advertisers alike.

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