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Candidates in Virudhunagar branded as ‘outsiders’ carry the burden of perception



Virudhunagar candidates bear the cross of ‘outsider’ tag

In the Lok Sabha constituency of Virudhunagar, three main candidates are vying for victory: B Manickam Tagore of the Congress, Radikaa Sarathkumar of the BJP, and Vijaya Prabhakaran of the MDMK. However, all three candidates share a common challenge – they are considered outsiders by the voters in this constituency located next to Madurai.

Tagore, Sarathkumar, and Prabhakaran, born in different cities, are facing skepticism from the locals who question their ability to truly represent Virudhunagar. The constituency, known for its six Assembly seats and various industries, is grappling with issues such as poor roads, unemployment, and high power tariffs.

One major concern among the auto drivers in Virudhunagar is the number of road bumps that damage their vehicles. Additionally, the ban on firecrackers in Sivakasi has left hundreds of families in distress, further highlighting the challenges faced by the constituency.

In the midst of these issues, the candidates are focusing on different strategies to attract voters. Sarathkumar is emphasizing the schemes launched by the Modi government, while Tagore is capitalizing on anti-Modi sentiments. Prabhakaran, leveraging his family’s legacy, is hoping to secure the support of the youth and sympathy votes following his father’s recent passing.

As the elections approach, the competition between the DMK-Congress alliance, BJP, and DMDK intensifies in Virudhunagar. The outsider who emerges victorious will have the crucial task of addressing the pressing issues of employment and development in the region.

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