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Amazon Prime Memberships in US Increase 8% to Reach Record High Following Period of Inactivity



In a recent report by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, Inc.’s Prime subscription service has reached a new milestone with 180 million US shoppers in March, marking an 8% increase from the previous year. This surge indicates that Amazon’s promise of fast delivery and a vast array of products continues to attract consumers, especially amid rising inflation and increased competition from other online platforms like Walmart Inc. and China-based companies such as TikTok Shop, Shein, and Temu.

US consumers pay $140 annually or $15 per month for a Prime subscription, which includes perks like shipping discounts and access to the ad-supported Prime Video streaming service. Despite a period of stagnation in Prime membership growth following the pandemic, the latest data reveals that 75% of US shoppers now have Prime memberships, showcasing ongoing growth for Amazon in acquiring new subscribers. Consumer Intelligence Research Partners noted that this upsurge suggests that US consumers see the value in investing in Prime membership due to their frequent Amazon shopping habits.

It is important to note that the firm’s measurement of Prime membership includes all individuals in a household who have access to the subscription, which may exceed the actual number of subscriptions sold by Amazon. While Amazon previously disclosed having 200 million Prime members globally in 2021, it has not released any recent figures on the number of subscriptions. Analysts estimate a 12% increase in subscription service revenue to $10.8 billion in the period ending March 31, with a significant portion coming from Prime subscriptions. As of now, Amazon has not provided any comments on the report.

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