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Agilitas Sports signs licensing deal with Lotto brand



Agilitas Sports inks licensing agreement for brand Lotto

Agilitas Sports has taken a significant step by signing a brand license agreement for the brand Lotto with WHP Global. This agreement grants Agilitas Sports exclusive rights to design, manufacture, promote, and distribute Lotto products in India and Australia. The company is also planning to expand the agreement to include the South Africa market in the near future.

In an interview with businessline, Abhishek Ganguly, Co-Founder and CEO of Agilitas Sports, expressed his enthusiasm for the 40-year license agreement. This partnership will allow Agilitas Sports to bring innovation to the manufacturing and design of Lotto products, as well as focus on marketing and retailing the brand. The company will leverage its design and development team in Bengaluru to create region-specific products for the market.

Additionally, Agilitas Sports has acquired footwear manufacturing company Mochiko to enhance its manufacturing capabilities for the Lotto brand. A dedicated factory will be set up in Noida for Lotto products. The company also plans to collaborate with Indian designers and artists, support local athletes, and distribute products through various channels including exclusive brand stores, online marketplaces, and retail partners.

With a strong focus on the booming demand for Sports Performance and Athleisure categories in India, Agilitas Sports is making significant investments in manufacturing, design, R&D, supply chain, marketing, and distribution for the Lotto brand. The partnership between Agilitas Sports and WHP Global marks a promising journey ahead for both companies in the sportswear and athleisure market.

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