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Why India Could Be Adopting New Vehicle Emission Standards Linked to EU



India might soon see new vehicle emission standards because of EU. Here’s why

The Council of the European Union has officially approved the contentious Euro 7 emissions regulations, paving the way for India’s transition to BS7 standards. The rules, aimed at limiting pollutants from combustion engine vehicles, have received the agreement of the European Parliament and are now set for final sign-off in the coming weeks.

After approval by the Presidents of the European Parliament and Council, the Euro 7 rules will become ‘operational’ within 20 days, with timelines set for their real-world implementation. India, currently in its BS6 stage, is preparing for BS7 inspired by Europe’s standards, which aim to reduce emissions from next-generation combustion engine vehicles.

Last year, Union road transport minister Nitin Gadkari urged the Indian automotive industry to start preparing for BS7 by carrying out research for manufacturing BS7-compliant vehicles. Euro 7, based on the 2022 EU Commission proposal, introduces regulations to reduce emissions from new vehicles in Europe, targeting both tailpipe and brake emissions.

The legislation also establishes minimum battery life requirements for electric and plug-in hybrid cars, maintaining existing Euro 6 exhaust emission limits for cars and vans while introducing stricter requirements for solid particles. The EU Council’s approval of Euro 7 follows protests from car manufacturers and some European countries, leading to a reduction in the emissions standards to prevent disproportionately affecting affordable, petrol-powered city cars.

In response to concerns raised by car manufacturers, the European Parliament approved revised Euro 7 emissions regulations which will be implemented in 2030 for cars, five years later than initially planned. This decision was made to address the shift towards developing electric cars to meet Europe’s 2035 ban on new petrol and diesel car sales.

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