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Special monsoon service packages offered by Citroen and Jeep in July – Get all the details here!



Citroen and Jeep offer monsoon service packages for July. Check details

As the monsoon season arrives in India, Stellantis-owned car brands Citroen and Jeep are offering special service campaigns to help drivers stay safe on the road. These initiatives, running until July 31st, 2024, provide car owners with a variety of benefits to ensure their vehicles are monsoon-ready.

Both Citroen and Jeep are emphasizing vehicle safety and performance during the monsoon season. Their campaigns offer a combination of complimentary checkups, discounts on essential services, and special deals on parts and accessories. Citroen’s “The Great Monsoon Splash” campaign is a comprehensive package designed to ensure peak performance for Citroen vehicles during the challenging weather conditions. Jeep’s “Monsoon Rally 2024” campaign focuses on keeping Jeep SUVs prepared for any adventure, regardless of the weather.

The monsoon service campaigns offer a range of benefits to drivers. Customers can enjoy a free monsoon checkup to identify and address potential issues that could affect a vehicle’s performance and safety during heavy rains. Additionally, customers can avail a 10% discount on essential services like underbody coating, silencer coating, windshield treatment, and headlight polishing to enhance their vehicle’s performance during the monsoon season.

Jeep and Citroen India are also offering special deals on tyre replacements to provide optimal grip and safety on wet roads, essential for safe driving during the monsoon. Furthermore, customers can purchase parts and accessories at discounted prices tailored for the monsoon season, including functional mud flaps and aesthetic upgrades. A customised roadside assistance program with complimentary services for an additional month is also available.

In conclusion, Citroen and Jeep’s monsoon service campaigns aim to ensure the safety and performance of vehicles during the challenging monsoon season, offering a range of benefits and discounts to customers. The initiatives reflect the brands’ commitment to providing comprehensive support to drivers during inclement weather conditions.

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