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Lithium-ion battery leasing program for 3-wheelers to launch in Kolkata soon



Leasing of lithium-ion batteries for 3-wheelers to be rolled out soon in Kolkata

In a bid to revolutionize the electric transportation sector in Kolkata, Neuron Energy and Urja Mobility have announced a groundbreaking partnership to introduce a battery leasing model for e-rickshaws, also known as ‘toto’, in the city. This move marks the first instance of such a model being implemented in the business-to-business EV sector.

Pratik Kamdar, CEO & Co-Founder of Neuron Energy, stated that the initiative aims to provide lithium-ion batteries for e-rickshaws on a lease model in collaboration with Urja Mobility. The goal is to eventually expand this model to other markets, starting with Bengal.

The partnership aims to empower e-rickshaws with GPS-enabled lithium-ion batteries, allowing for more efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives to the traditional lead-acid batteries. This initiative also targets a fleet of 50 lakh e-rickshaws across the country, with a focus on Bengal, to transition to modern technologies.

Urja Mobility CEO, Pankaj Chopra, highlighted the accessibility and flexibility of the asset-light model, offering monthly lease rentals of just ₹4,500 for a three-year contract. This initiative is set to make green transportation more accessible to a wider audience.

With West Bengal being India’s e-three-wheeler manufacturing hub, accounting for a significant share of all EVs produced in the country, this collaboration between Neuron Energy and Urja Mobility signals a significant step towards sustainable and efficient electric mobility solutions in Kolkata.

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