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Lawmakers suggest banning Chinese auto technology at US bases: Report



Chinese auto tech should be banned at US bases, lawmakers say: Report

US lawmakers are pushing for a ban on Chinese internet-connected vehicles from entering US military bases due to concerns over data and cyber-security risks. Representatives Mike Gallagher and Raja Krishnamoorthi led the group from the House Select Committee on China in urging Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to take action in a letter sent on Thursday.

The lawmakers cited a Commerce Department investigation that could potentially lead to a ban on transactions involving certain Chinese vehicle technology in the US, including electric vehicles with banned components. They expressed their worries about the security risks posed by connected vehicles that capture vast amounts of personal data, especially those containing Chinese-produced technologies like LiDAR.

LiDAR, a remote-sensing technology that emits light waves to determine distances, is crucial for autonomous driving functions in vehicles. The world’s largest supplier of LiDAR, Hesai Group, has roots in Shanghai and Silicon Valley and counts car makers like Li Auto Inc. and Xiaomi Corp. among its customers. However, Hesai Group was designated as a “Chinese Military Company” by the US Department of Defense in January, a label the company disputes and has threatened legal action over.

The lawmakers emphasized the national security risks involved in allowing Chinese-connected vehicles access to US roads and critical infrastructure. They highlighted the potential for enabling technologies like LiDAR or Internet of Things Modules to continue operating even if Chinese vehicles do not dominate the US market. In light of these concerns, the lawmakers are urging for stricter measures to be implemented to safeguard national security interests.

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