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Kusha Kapila splurges over ₹70 lakh on a brand new Mercedes-Benz E Class



Kusha Kapila buys Mercedes-Benz E Class, costs more than ₹70 lakh

Mercedes-Benz has revealed plans to launch three new electric vehicles in India this calendar year as part of a total of 12 launches planned for 2024. The luxury car manufacturer aims to take a leading role in the battery-powered luxury car segment with models like EQE, EQS, and AMG EQS already in its portfolio.

The company’s commitment to electric vehicles comes as it celebrates a successful sales quarter, with 5,412 units sold in the last quarter ending in March 2024 – a 15% year-on-year growth. The automaker claims the last financial year was its best-ever fiscal, with 18,123 units sold in the country in FY24, marking a 10% growth over the previous fiscal year. In March 2024, Mercedes-Benz India recorded its highest-ever sales in the country, with 25% of total sales being comprised of top-end vehicles.

Mercedes did not disclose the specific EV models that will be launching this year but reiterated its focus on expanding its electric vehicle lineup. This news comes as a continuation of Mercedes-Benz’s efforts to expand its presence in the Indian car market and solidify its position as a luxury car manufacturer. The launch of three new electric vehicles is sure to excite environmentally-conscious consumers and further establish Mercedes-Benz as a frontrunner in the luxury electric vehicle segment.

Stay tuned for updates on the release dates and specifications of the upcoming electric vehicles from Mercedes-Benz as the company continues to make strides in the world of electric mobility.

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