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Google Maps to Display Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to Alleviate Range Anxiety



Google Maps will soon show EV charging stations to help with range anxiety

Google Maps is receiving updates that will make it easier for electric vehicle owners to find EV chargers and detailed information about them. The widely-used navigation application is gradually becoming more helpful for EV owners with the new features set to be rolled out in the coming months.

With the growing number of electric vehicles on the roads, the demand for public charging infrastructure is increasing rapidly. However, locating an EV charger can often be a challenging task compared to finding a traditional petrol pump. Google Maps aims to address this issue with its upcoming feature that will make it easier for users to locate EV chargers, even if they are hidden or tucked away.

The new update for Google Maps will provide AI-powered summaries of EV charger locations based on user reviews. It will also offer turn-by-turn navigation prompts to guide users to the charging station. Additionally, Google is collecting more information about EV chargers, such as the type of charging plugs available and the waiting time for charging. This information will help users make informed decisions about which charger to use.

Initially, these features will be available for vehicles with Google-built software, and the EV charger information will be automatically displayed when the battery charge is low. The feature will first roll out in the US before being introduced in other regions. This tool is especially beneficial for electric vehicle owners undertaking long journeys.

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