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Formula 1 Unveils its First Wearable Trophy in anticipation of the Chinese Grand Prix



First wearable Formula 1 trophy revealed ahead of the upcoming Chinese GP

The Chinese Grand Prix is set to return to the Formula 1 calendar this weekend after a five-year hiatus, and it brings with it a unique twist – the first-ever wearable trophy. Designed and developed by Pininfarina USA and Lenovo, the wearable trophy will be awarded to the winners in Shanghai, adding a special touch to the race weekend.

Inspired by the laurel wreath used in F1 in the 1980s and before, the wearable trophy features dragon elements to symbolize the ‘Year of the Dragon’ in China. It comes with a built-in sensor that lights up in a pattern called “chase a loop” when the winning driver raises it over their head or wears it around their neck, representing the speed of an F1 car on the racetrack.

Lenovo’s innovation in F1 trophies doesn’t stop there. Last year, they introduced a kiss-activated trophy that would light up with the winner’s home country flag when kissed. This year’s trophy takes the concept of an interactive trophy to a new level, incorporating elements of speed and tradition to make the keepsake more memorable for the drivers.

As the F1 world eagerly anticipates the upcoming Chinese GP, the focus is not just on the race itself but also on which driver will have the honor of wearing the modern-day wreath around their neck. With innovation at the forefront, F1 continues to push boundaries and create new traditions in the world of motorsport.

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