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Electronic Stability Control, also known as ESC: Your comprehensive guide



Electronic Stability Control or ESC: Everything you need to know about it

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is a crucial safety feature in modern cars that helps drivers maintain control of the vehicle in challenging conditions. Often taken for granted, ESC plays a vital role in preventing accidents and ensuring road safety.

ESC, along with other safety technologies like ABS and airbags, comes standard in most passenger vehicles in the Indian market. It automatically adjusts individual wheel braking to assist the driver in critical driving situations, preventing the vehicle from spinning out and losing traction.

When activated, ESC controls the engine throttle and brakes of each wheel to keep the vehicle on its intended path. By monitoring steering wheel activity and speed sensors, ESC intervenes to reduce oversteer and understeer, ultimately reducing the risk of rollovers and keeping the car stable on the road.

Some of the key advantages of ESC include counteracting skidding in slippery conditions, providing corrective support in challenging driving situations, enhancing driving safety, comfort, and agility, and helping the driver maintain control of the car. With its ability to prevent accidents and improve road safety, ESC is a must-have feature in all modern vehicles.

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