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California mother files lawsuit against Tesla after her 2-year-old inadvertently starts Model X, causing injury



California mom sues Tesla after her 2-year-old started Model X and runs over her

A California woman, Mallory Harcourt, has filed a lawsuit against Tesla, alleging that her two-year-old son was able to start a Tesla Model X and run over her while she was pregnant with her second child. The incident, which took place in 2018, left Harcourt with a broken pelvis and forced her to have a premature delivery.

Harcourt’s lawyers have blamed the carmaker for a design flaw that allowed her son to start the car and drive into her, while Tesla’s attorneys have denied the allegation and instead blamed the woman for negligence. The lawsuit reveals that the two-year-old boy was able to reach the brake pedal of the vehicle while in the footwell, starting the car and putting it into drive mode before hitting the accelerator pedal.

The lawsuit highlights the perceived safety features of the Tesla Model X that prompted Mallory Harcourt and her husband to purchase the electric SUV. However, the traumatic incident has led them to reconsider their decision. Harcourt’s lawyers argue that while it may be expected for a toddler to climb into a car, no one would anticipate a toddler being able to start a vehicle, emphasizing the alleged design flaw in the Tesla.

Despite the allegations of unsafe design, Tesla maintains that Harcourt’s injuries were a result of her own negligence in leaving her son unattended. The case has sparked a debate about the safety protocols and design features of electric vehicles, raising questions about the responsibility of manufacturers in preventing such incidents.

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